About Ken & Jess

It’s all Regan’s fault!

Several years after moving east in the late 90’s, Jessica reconnected with Regan Grusy, a friend she had known from her hometown of Rockford, IL. Regan had also been working and living in New York, working for some time at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), where she met and became good friends with the Marketing Manager there. His name was Ken. A few years went by, and eventually, Regan mentioned to Jessica that she should meet her friend Ken. Similarly, Regan had told Ken that he might be interested in meeting her hometown friend Jessica, and that they should all get together sometime. Several months later, the tightly booked schedules eased up, and Regan, Anders, Jessica, and Ken all met up after work for a drink. That was September of 2009.

In the Spring of 2011, Ken and Jess moved to apartment #3 on Bond Street by the Gowanus Canal. That October, they took a trip to New Orleans, and on their last night there, they ended up in historic Jackson Square, right around midnight. They sat on a bench in front of St. Louis Cathedral, Ken pulled out a ring box, and Jessica froze.  It was the perfect moment – just the two of them, and the drunk homeless guy passed out on the bench next to them.


Think you know the couple pretty well?


•  Ken’s full name is Kenneth Ephraim Beasley IV, following in the tradition of his father, grandfather, and great grandfather, who were all also name Kenneth Ephraim Beasley.

•  Mostly from playing soccer, and once from kicking a rock, Ken has broken both of his big toes, twice each.

•  Ken is admittedly very superstitious, and will cross to the other side of the street rather than walk under a ladder.

•  In middle school, while living in New Mexico, Ken entered a national invention competition with a machine he invented that would generate heat to melt the ice on your driveway and sidewalk during the winter months. It looked like a cross between a vacuum cleaner and a metal detector. He called it the Melt-O-Matic. He did not win.

AMAZING VIDEO: Ken narrowly survives his car crashing off a bridge!



• Jessica Lynn Ellis is known to her family and childhood friends as Jessy(ie), with one of her most memorable childhood taunts being when she was called “Messy Jessy”. Ken still calls her that from time to time. (although, he has been asked to clariify that Jessy, is not actually messy. So please, let the record show, that in accordance with Jessica’s request, you have all been made aware that she is NOT messy) 

•  Jessica does not shy away from danger, and in addition to trying both sky diving and hang-gliding, has also taken a class in fire-eating.

•  Jessica has 2 titanium rods in her back, a result from a spinal fusion procedure she had during college. Sadly she is not able to set off metal detectors or tell you when it’s going to rain.

•  A long time dream of Jessica’s is to one day learn to play real drums, even though she is quite proficient in the arena of air drumming.

AMAZING VIDEOJessica was once a magician’s assistant!


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